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Successful organizations and communities have a resilience that allows them to face unprecedented challenges. This resilience comes from an ability to bring new perspectives and resources to their work and develop new partnerships. This means engaging in new ways.

Resilient organizations know how to tap into the knowledge and experience across the organization – from the front line to senior management and the boardroom. Resilient communities know how to bring a wide range of citizens and interests together to address common challenges.

One World can help your organization or community build capacity and resiliency. We can help you design and carry out strategic planning, organizational assessment and development processes that engage members, partners and communities effectively, identify clear goals, and help mobilize new resources and energy. We use approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry and dialogue as well as many other tools to help groups have the conversations they need to move ahead.


Theory of Change: Revolutionizing Communications Surrounding Complex Social Issues

Even after the brainstorming is completed, goals are set, the roadmap defined and processes are set into action, there is one more key element to consider in order to ensure the deployment of a successful community development initiative. That important component is communication. After all, if nobody, including those involved in the initiative, can understand […]

How Theory of Change Helps Organizations Address Complex Social Issues

Like a roadmap guides motorists through unfamiliar territory to reach the final destination, there are effective tools that can help organizations to better navigate the complex environments in which they work, and guide the development of successful initiatives. And just as a map is altered as landscapes evolve, so too should the tools used to […]

Disability: Who’s Responsible for Ensuring a Level Playing Field in the Workplace?

Perhaps many of us don’t think about how easy it is to push open the correct door to the washroom in a crowded building. The truth is, for those who are not physically, visually or hearing impaired, the world around us makes sense. The recent HRSDC conference on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities shed […]

5 Key Responsibilities of a Effective Board

Economic uncertainty, increased demand for services and concurrent decreases in funding,  as well as calls for greater accountability create an increasingly complex and challenging environment in which boards must lead and govern. Board members are responsible for exercising sound judgment and acting in the best interests of the organization while serving their communities effectively. In […]

Sharing Knowledge – Protect the Welfare of Community-Based Programs

I’ve worked with a lot of organizations and networks developing community-based programs that seek to address complex issues such as homelessness and youth involvement in gangs. There’s no shortage of knowledge among those working on these issues on the frontlines. What’s often lacking, however, is the translation of this day-to-day expertise into useable knowledge. The […]

The Nuts and Bolts of Good Governance

Many people involved in the non-profit sector are passionate about providing services and enhancing the lives of people they know or people they may have never even met. Whether as staff or volunteers, they get involved in an organization to “do good,” to make positive change in the community. Boards contribute to the mission of […]

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