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Whether you are planning a consultation, conference, retreat, workshop, or meeting, One World can provide you with a skilled and experienced facilitator to make it productive. We have successfully worked to engage academics, professionals, citizens, government leaders, business leaders, youth, employees, voluntary sector groups and others, in both official languages.

Our aim is to ensure that a meeting or consultation process achieves its objectives while leaving participants feeling heard and respected. As facilitators, we can work with you to clarify the results you want to achieve and design the process that will help you get there. We have extensive knowledge of, and experience with, a wide range of facilitation techniques and many of us also have a background in conflict management.


Watershed Citizens’ Dialogue 2014: Alberta Citizen Deliberation on Climate Change and Water

This reflection was written by ABCD Researcher Dr. Gwendolyn Blue of the University of Calgary and Jacquie Dale. Please find the original post on the Alberta Climate Dialogue blog. Water in a Changing Climate was the third installment in Alberta Climate Dialogue’s community deliberations. In partnership with the Oldman Watershed Council, ABCD designed and convened a […]

Building Competency in Dialogue and Engagement Processes

In today’s political, social and economic climate, there’s a real need to build competency in designing and implementing effective processes of engagement, dialogue and consultation. This is the case within all types of organizations and institutions (i.e. public, private and governmental). Many leaders, decision-makers and staff are either searching for more creative approaches to finding […]

Paving The Way For a Successful Facilitation: Avoiding 4 Common Pitfalls

Much can go wrong during a planned group facilitation. Unfortunately, even the most well designed event can have mishaps. While it’s easy to think about best case scenarios, let’s understand a few of the things that can go wrong in a facilitation. Highlighting some of these common pitfalls will help you more effectively plan for […]

Unlocking Answers and Different Ways of Learning through Facilitation

Mention the word facilitate to people and it can stir up multiple images such as; teachers and blackboards, a conductor with baton in hand, or just someone making things happen.  In fact a facilitator is a type of enabler and to a company undergoing major change, an NGO needing to re-align their vision and programming […]

Could the Way Your Meeting Space is Set Up be Affecting the Outcome?

With meeting spaces at a premium at public, private and non-profit organizations, work teams and volunteer committees often have to make do by meeting in tight quarters. While this may be necessary for regular activities, when strategic thinking or challenging conversations are needed, it can be very important to provide a physical meeting space that […]

Who Wins With Deliberative Dialogue?

When we watch a debate between political candidates on television, we know the purpose. Each side is trying to win. Each wants to sway the public to see his/her side of the issues. The candidates spar, trying to score points and undermine their opponents. They are certainly not trying to find common ground! Deliberative dialogue, […]

Solving Problems Through Meaningful Dialogue

Identifying problems. Exploring issues and options. Making decisions. Sounds pretty much like what every successful organization does every day to address challenges and find a resolution to tricky problems. Whether you’re the CEO of a fortune 500 or managing the day-to-day activities of a not-for profit in your home town, the actual steps of identifying, exploring […]

When is Face-to-Face the Best Technology?

As TS Eliot wrote, “There is no life that is not in community.” Our definition of community, though, is fluid. Today, it is not just the people in your neighbourhood. Your community might include members from across the country or across the world. At the same time, the idea of community in terms of the […]

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