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Whether you are part of a non-profit organization, a health or educational institution, a business, a government or a community, you are often confronted with the challenge of responding to new, complex and constantly changing issues and work realities.  At the same time, more people than ever want to have a voice in decision-making – managers, staff, clients, customers, and sometimes members of the public. The natural tendency at a time like this might be to hunker down and try to weather out the storm.  But how can you turn this challenge into an opportunity to test the winds and chart a different course with your colleagues, members and stakeholders?

Where do you start?

  • Build on your strengths:  One World can help you to identify the abilities, capacities and relationships that lie within your organization or network – these are the foundations on which you can build.
  • Identify new possibilities:  The solutions to challenging situations can often be found by engaging people who have different perspectives on the issue at hand – these could be front line staff, managers, other organizations, funders, users and citizens.  We can help you design and facilitate those conversations, and gather the data that can identify new possibilities to deal with the challenges you face. This kind of process can create energy, enthusiasm and a sense of joint ownership that can help to move things forward.
  • Build relationships:  Engagement is not simply a one-off exercise; it is a process of building relationships.  Engagement yields its greatest benefits when the various participants build trust and confidence in each other that allows them to have frank discussions and entertain new opinions.
  • Learn and innovate:  Innovation is about finding different ways to understand and approach problems and challenges.  Innovation thrives in an environment where people are encouraged to question, to try new approaches, to reflect on their experience, and to learn from each other.  Organizations and networks that are able to capture their learnings – even from unsuccessful efforts – will be much more likely to have the resiliency that will help them to excel in challenging times.

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